Detroit Hip Hop has a storied legacy that was more than the music. From the legendary open mic scene to music production that changed the sound of hip-hop, Detroit is known internationally for innovation. Since the early 1990s, Laswunzout was a part of that movement. 

“Laswunzout was a really large crew,” says founding member Lo, “Even Paul Rosenberg was a member of the crew, PMO, Dj Dez, Baatin from Slum Village (RIP), 31 Flavors, AOU, Bugz of D12 (RIP), and Dj HouseShoes.”

We bridged the gaps in the early 90’s doing the legwork leaving the city and setting up shop in north Hollywood introducing the world to underground Detroit hip hop music helping expose countless Detroit acts along the way.

Laswunzout would perform in cyphers at Hart Plaza throughout the early 90’s. From malls or at any given time on any street in downtown Detroit MI, the crew would battle competitors yelling out, “Who wants to battle??” a phrase that remains a part of the crew today.



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