Loe Louis

At age 6 Loe Louis began his rap career mimicking Doctor Suess books, coming up with his own rhymes. He would record the latest rap songs off of the radio studying word for word leading styles. When he was 9 years old along with neighborhood rap group The ACP’s they performed the them song for the popular local dance show The Scene. In the late 80’s his family moved from the North West side of Detroit to Down town Detroit. He would get into battles in the high school lunchroom, Hart Plaza, and different malls in the suburbs outside Detroit. Shortly after forming the group Laswunzout in 1992-93 the members were approached and offered a deal to record and shop a demo. In 1995 Loe and the other group members traveled to Flint, MI and Los Angles, CA to record. Within three months the group was offered a deal with Imortal Records Sony. Their first major release Just To Be Famous did well on the underground scenes in different cities making Laswunzout a well known name throughout underground hip hop.

The group was even depicted in the Eminem film 8 mile as the rival rap crew free world. Loe Louis also battled on VH1’s The White Rapper Show, Loe Louis and Killa Ghanz formed a Detroit super group The Cardiboys and released 5 independent mix cd’s a Loe Louis album Title Defense, And three different singles that made there way to national radio. Now back along with original Laswunzout member Zo the duel released the first album from the independent label Laswunzout imprint to rave reviews.

Looe Louis acts as artist, part owner, and ceo of the label determined to create a platform to showcase underground Detroit talent.