Chise3269 Merch Music

Merch Music (Producer) has been apart of Detroit Hip Hop community since the days of The Rhythm Kitchen. First and emcee, but later on to become a well known Boom Bap producer. In high school, Merchmusic was part of a emcee group by the name of PhatCats of Style with partner Ty Skills, winning a talent contest and having a chance to meet up with Detroit’s own Radio host Mason.  In 1991 he was introduced to the underground hip hop scene by Hassan Masui (Rip) and Kafani to a place called “The Rhthym Kitchen. This was much different from the Techo, Ghettotech, and house music scene. The Rhythm Kitchen lead Merchmusic to meet Triplex, Laswunzout, Slum Village and Big Proof giving Merch  a variety of musical experience. In 2002 Merchmusic began his journey in producing and  has managed to produce music  for Neco Redd, Laswunzout, Academy (Canada), Journalist 103 & J Hill ( Big Proofs Cousin). Merch Music has also participated I several Beat battles over the years including Beat Street Beat battle, Potluck Producers Lounge TV and recently Michigan Beat Battle League.

3269 Chise, Born and raise on the eastside of Detroit Mi.. Been doing music since the age of 6 years old.. I recently  put together a mixtape called “Something Special ” in which I only did physical copies of and also did 5 Music video’s (“Pray for me”, “Feel Good Music”, “Forever”, “The Woman You” and “Save Sinna”) all were Directed by B. Hughes. I was also a participant of the 1st annual “DETROIT UP NEXT” SHOWCASE, which was sponsored by “CSE MUSICGROUP”. In this showcase I placed “2nd” as well. In that same year I was also selected to grace the cover of ” Urban DJ MAGAZINE” Freshman Class of 2016 ISSUE.  As a upcoming artist from Detroit, I look forward to becoming a artist the people can love to grow with. My dream is to truly bring Something Special to the culture of Hip-hop and also to many generation to come.
                                     3269 Chise